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Welcome Foolish Mortals,
I realize that some of you are not “In the loop” about what is going on at the WDW Haunted Mansion, so I thought it would be a good idea to let you know.
If you want to be surprised about the new interactive queue at the WDW HM please stop reading HERE!
When you first enter the new area you will be greeted by five busts, which will either be a photo opportunity or something similar to the interactive feature that was being tested last year.

Is it just me or do these busts look familiar?

Oh, thats right.
Anyway, on a more positive note, after passing the busts you will encounter two of the original headstones; That of “Grandpa Marc” and “Frances Xavier” which are situated in-between two railings. Me, being picky, immediately thought to myself “Where are the bodies supposed to be buried?”.

But, apparently, the whole point of this new queue is not thinking about what would be logical.
From there you will see your first Tomb, belonging to both the Organist and the Graveyard Band:

Doesn’t it look like it belongs in ToonTown?
Why would you even think about putting the organ banshees and raven on it. I mean REALLY. Oh, and let us not forget about the band’s tomb, which reads
“He’s gone from this world of trouble and strife…”
Ok, not bad so far…..
“… but a touch of your hand brings his music to life!”
Yes, of course it is an interactive feature, but wouldn’t it be so much better if they hadn’t put the damn instructions on the tomb. If you must have an interactive feature, why not just have a clever epitaph, no instructions, and when a guest just happens to put his/her hand on the tomb (c’mon you know you would regardless of them telling you to) the soft sound of an instrument playing could be heard inside. More creepy, more subtile.
And on that note, you know that rambunctious kids will be pressing the tomb over and over and over again. Won’t that be pleasant to hear.
From this point not much can be seen clearly at the moment. There are tombstones on the hill, the ones closest to you being the originals. The ones further back only have names on them. no epitaph, no design, no date of death, just names. This is a little suspicious so I am sure it will be, yet another, interactive feature.

You will also run into my headstone at this point (which gets it’s own private area between the two tombs).
The captain’s tomb (which is based off of the sea captain portrait which has been located in the mansion since 1971) seems to look nice. That is, until I looked at the back:
Apparently he is interactive too. There have been reports that a “bubbly, drowning” voice can be heard at night singing “Drunken Sailor”.
Also, the sound of a cartoony sneeze is from behind the construction walls every 1 or 2 minutes.
Now, inside the mansion, updates are taking place in the crypt. At the moment the Hitchhiking ghosts have been replaced with projections.
It is a fact that the three original animatronics will be returning, but the ones that sit with you will not. Actually, cameras are being installed so that (at the exit) you will be able to take home a picture of you and ones of the ghosts. It will be located in what was once the “Servant’s hallway”. I do not particularly think this is a “Bad” idea, but it does ruin the realistic aspect of the mansion. The “did that really just happen, or was it my imagination” story.
So what do you think? If you couldn’t already tell I am spitting angry. So angry, in fact, It may have just ruined the Haunted Mansion attraction for me.
It is finished, and there are soft openings now, take a look:
Master Gracey

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