Mansion, Merch, and Madness; Report December 2010- January 2011

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Welcome Foolish Mortals,
I really did intend on having this post come up sooner, but due to the internet being out here in the Ghost Relation Department Headquarters I could not.
The following is an overall WDW Mansion report from between December 29th (2010) to January 2nd (2011). The Following will have some “behind the scenes” shots of the new graveyard queue, so if you do not wish to see them scroll down a bit after you see the red word *SPOILER*.
Lets get started.
Despite the construction walls being up in the queue, the mansion was not in a sorry state at all. Keep In mind that I am being very nitpick-ey and to the average eye the mansion would look just fine.
What a mess. Not the appearance per say, but the mass confusion caused by both the cast members working it and the guests standing in it. I blame only the maids/butlers that stood around gossiping with each-other (yes, there were a few). Other cast-members worked very hard trying to direct the ignorant guests that were attempted to enter through the (clearly marked) exit.
– The foyer:
Other than the Gracey portrait’s sync being off (this is on purpose, Magic Kingdom Management thought it would be best if the portrait’s aging start earlier so that more people can move through the pre-show), everything is fine.
-The Stretching Gallery
I can honestly say I am shocked with the number of people who didn’t scream (sarcastically) when the lights blew out. I mentioned in my last post that the right stretching gallery had a large wrinkle in the wallpaper (on the Dynamite Man’s wall). Otherwise, everything looks beautiful. In the Left stretching room, however, everything was not totally fine. When the ceiling began to rise large scuff marks were revealed in the wallpaper, and when the lights went out it was almost impossible to see the Ghost Host’s corpse through the dirty scrim. I was very disappointed by the somewhat sorry state the Left gallery was in.
-The Loading area
There isn’t much to say about this room.
– The Portrait Hallway/ Library/ and Music Room
The portrait hallway looked fantastic, no negative comments here. The library was the same, just fine. The music room was almost perfect, my only beef was that it was very difficult to see the Ghost Hosts’s shadow on the floor.
– Grand Staircase, Endless Hallway, and Corridor of Doors
The Grand Staircase was fine. On Friday the 31st the candelabra that floats in the middle of the hallway was not moving (all day friday, but was repaired by Saturday). And the Corridor of Doors looked, sounded, and felt spectacular.
-The Seance Room, the Grand Hall, Attic, and Graveyard
The Seance Ballroom and Attic were perfect, simply perfect. In the Graveyard the Caretaker was still not lit properly and the scrim in front of the ghost bricking himself in the tomb was bunched up, making it look less like fog and more like fabric.
-The Exit Crypt
The Hitchhiking ghosts that “follow you home” were ever-so-slightly out of sync with the buggies.
Before I move onto merchandise I want to applaud a maid named Shirley and Butler named Brad for staying in character despite the massive crowds.
Below are a few pictures that I took while on the Liberty Belle of the Graveyard construction.

I was very surprised on the amount of HM merch was available this visit. I am certain that I am receiving a few very confused looks from readers that have visited WDW recently, but give me time to explain.
ML’s cart had only a few new items; some of which included the shirt and magnet I mentioned two posts ago. Also up for sale was a grey shirt and keychain that boasted the same graphic as the mentioned magnet:

(I was a bit foolish and forgot to take a picture of the shirt.)
Also available (to my surprise) was a beautiful Mansion shirt that did not feature any silly graphics of the Fab 5:
Although there were very few “new” items available on the ML’s cart, most unique Mansion merchandise had to be carefully sought out. You can find a “print on Demand machine at any Art Of Disney store. If you have never heard of this it is a service in which you can buy paper or canvas prints of Disney attraction posters, concept art, etc. Back in 2009 the only Haunted Mansion print available was the WDW attraction poster. Imagine my surprise when I typed in “Haunted Manson” and saw this:

At the art of Disney store in DTD they had the following piece of artwork up for sale:
When I asked the cast-member working there she said that a few weeks earlier they were selling prints of it but have since run out. The One displayed is the original (Painted by respected Disney hired Artist, Randy Noble) and is (or was, by this point) selling for $3,800. A little bit out of my price range. Also for sale here was a print of “Snow White in her Corruptible Mortal State” a print that was first seen at 2009’s D23 Expo.

There is a discussion going on on the Doombuggy message boards about this very piece. Go check it out HERE.
And Finally, at the (yet again) Art of Disney store in EPCOT I found this little gem:
I have absolutely no Idea what it is or how to display it. All I now is that it is limited edition of 1,000, costs $35.00, and is called an “ACME Sketchplate.
This concludes my Mansion report for December 29th 2010 through January 2nd 2011.
I am happy to report that I will be doing my first ever Disneyland Mansion Report during August of this year.
Master Gracey

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