Mansion Reports 12/29, 30/10

by on Mar.22, 2011, under Syndicated from the Web

Welcome Foolish Mortals,
If you follow me on Twitter or on Facebook you know that I am currently visiting the WDW Haunted Mansion and plan on doing daily reports until the 2nd. I was unable to do a report yesterday due to reasons beyond my control, so I will be making up for It today. Below is a highly critical Mansion and merchandise report from yesterday (12/29/10) and today (12/30/10), enjoy!
Due to, again, reasons beyond my control, my party and I were forced to skip the foyer and the stretching gallery. The Mansion is looking very good overall. The lighting on the exterior of the manse is fantastic, somewhere along the line it must have been improved since my last visit. Some less-than fantastic aspects were:
-Most cast members were too involved with their side conversations with other cast members than working on queuing people, thus resulting in an unorganized mess in the handicapped area.
-The Caretaker’s lighting is still too dim.
– Constance’s projection was a tad off, making her look slightly distorted.
Other than this, the Mansion was in a very suitable state.
Today I was able to ride the mansion 3 times, all around 8:00 am, and thank goodness I did.
The Mansion still looked fantastic today. Some things I wanted to point out were that;
-The stretching room to the right had a large crease in the wallpaper (on Dynamite Man’s side).
– Also on the Dynamite man’s side was some serious wearing on the “wood” molding adorning the corners.
– The scrim ceiling in the left stretching room is terrible dirty making it hard to see the the Ghost Host’s corpse above.
The line for the manse was incredibly long by 1:00 pm today; it started at the Liberty Bell’s entrance, continued down the ramp adjacent to the Liberty Bell’s exit, up to the horse barn, and through the regular queue. Have no Idea what I am talking about? Here is a diagram:
Still have no clue? Well, I don’t blame you, that was a terrible diagram.
Construction on the queue graveyard seems to be going quite smoothly, I’ll post pictures of it tomorrow (along with my report).
Have a Happy (safe) and fun-filled New Year’s eve!
Master Gracey

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